Petroleum Engineering [MEng] Year 4

Those students who choose to study for an MEng progress in Year 4 to a programme that both enhances their capacity as individual learners and deepens their understanding of Petroleum Engineering. Students in Year 4 undertake mandatory modules in Communication skills, as well as masters-level options in advanced petrophysics, reservoir engineering, petroleum technology and economics. Half of the credits in Year 4 are allocated to an individual research project, which is designed in collaboration with academics in both Earth Science and Chemical Engineering. 

Year 4 Aims

In Year 4 you will have the opportunity of interacting with research scientists of the school, firstly through your own project work, where you will be able to spend some time in the research laboratories, and secondly through attending and reviewing research seminars. We also aim to give you the opportunity of choosing course units to study at postgraduate level, often learning alongside MSc and PhD students.

Year 4 Learning Outcomes

At the end of Year 4 you will:

  • have designed, undertaken and presented (as dissertation and talk) a project demonstrating your ability to work independently in a research environment, to formulate and test hypotheses within Earth Sciences, and to communicate results to peers;
  • have demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary to be recognised as professionally competent by a wide range of employers and by the Energy Institute;
  • have demonstrated an advanced level of understanding and critical evaluation in courses where content is informed by the latest developments in research;
  • have broadened your knowledge from Year 3, having attained an advanced level of understanding over a wide spectrum of Engineering and the Earth Sciences.


You must do all of the mandatory course units and three of the optional course units:

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