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If you are fascinated by the world around you, if you care about the challenges we face globally in balancing development with the environment and if you have a background in a scientific subject, a degree from our school will be the ideal route into a worthwhile career.

As an undergraduate you will be coming to a school where students and staff are on first name terms, mixing at various events throughout the year. We recognise and reward the success of our students and we continually invest in the experience and employability of our undergraduates.

While you will benefit from the personal experience that comes from studying within a small department, you will also be part of a large, influential institution, benefiting from all the resources and facilities we have at our disposal.

Step into your future.

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Shaun Adams

Shaun is an exploration geologist at Exploration Alliance Ltd.

The key skills I obtained from my degree were the fundamentals of Geology and the ability to self-teach by reading scientific journals.
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