Why study geology?

Are you interested in global change, not just during historical time, but over the whole lifetime of the Earth?  Are you interested in the origin and development of our landscape and in how plate tectonics control the surface features of the Earth such as earthquakes and volcanoes? Do you wonder how we can manage our natural resources more sustainably?

Geologists are scientific detectives who try to reveal the past and the future of the Earth. Geology attracts people who wish to study the dynamics of the Earth we live on, its resources, and the most economic and sustainable way to use these resources.

Students who enjoy working outdoors, have a good scientific background, and are interested in understanding how the world around them works will find this field of earth sciences a rewarding area of study.

Fieldwork at Kinlochleven

What will I study?

Geology is a field-based, multi-disciplinary science that integrates the principles of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics in the study of Earth processes and history. Geologists and geoscientists study a broad range of topics including plate tectonics, glaciers, floods, groundwater flow – even dinosaur evolution.

Geologists are increasingly in demand to study and evaluate geologic hazards and natural resources such as oil and gas.

Why should I choose Geology at Manchester?

Our broad geology degree course covers all major aspects of this discipline; it is ideal if you want to keep your options open or are uncertain about your future career plans. All our degrees provide the perfect gateway to postgraduate study and general graduate employment. You can also extend your studies with our four-year MEarthSci degree. This course allows you to focus on a research project and take a number of specialist postgraduate geology units.

The School is open and welcoming, with low staff:student ratios. We have a supportive family atmosphere. The University also has a superb library and an excellent careers service.

The Geology course is accredited by the Geological Society of London and has a wide choice of options in Year 3. You will enjoy ample opportunity to put what you have learned in to practice on field trips. 

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Did you know...?

100% of students agreed...

Every one of our geology students said they had been able to contact staff when they needed to (National Student Satisfaction Survey 2012).

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