Geography and Geology with a Year Abroad BSc

FF86 (4 Years)

This varied course focuses on the natural processes that occur on the Earth’s surface. If you are fascinated by rivers and seas, get excited when you spot unusual strata on a cliff, or just have a strong interest in physical geography, then this joint degree in Geology and Geography could be for you.

This course includes teaching, field work and projects, drawing from the expertise and research knowledge of staff in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences and The School of Environment, Education and Development.

We offer a wide choice of units and field courses from both schools and have options to focus more on geology or physical geography depending on your personal interests.

We want you to gain as much as possible from your time with us. Our friendly atmosphere will make you feel welcome in our close-knit community as we support your learning and prepare you for a successful career in industry or research. Our Course Director, John Nudds, is dedicated to the care and support of students on this course, which typically ranks among the top-rated courses for the entire University.

Following recent student feedback, we have also made several changes to improve student:staff ratios and place more emphasis on pastoral care so that students feel fully integrated into the School.

Year 1-3 and year abroad

  • We familiarise you with the natural processes that occur on the Earth’s surface and how humans and societies have learned to exploit and protect themselves from these phenomena. This year also strengthens your capacity for independent learning and your abilities to develop logical arguments on a range of geological and geographical issues.

    Field courses to: Castleton and Northeast Scotland

    Course unit details for Year 1

  • You will study geological processes and physical geography in more detail; you will discover your passion for specific topics and begin to specialise. Our practical classes and field courses will extend your communication and technical skills so that you have the necessary experience to prepare you for a future career in geosciences.

    Field course to: A wide choice of locations including:
    Donegal, Morocco, Iceland and Crete, run by The School of Environment, Education and Development

    Course unit details for Year 2

  • Between Years 2 and 3 you will spend a year studying geographical and geological topics at one of our partner universities.  You will follow course units that complement those available here at Manchester.

    During this time you will write a reflective journal in which you will document the insights you have gained from both your period of study and from engagement with the citizens of the host country. When you return you will give a seminar to Year 2 students explaining what you have learned from your time abroad.

    Your ability to pass the year will be determined by the exams you take at your host university as well as your reflective log and the seminar you present upon your return. 

  • Following your return to Manchester

    We encourage you to evaluate critically the ideas and concepts you have learned. What are the flaws in current theories and gaps in knowledge? A field-based dissertation project in an area of physical geography or geology and assessed coursework allow you to explore topics in great depth, supported and informed by the research of our academic staff. Your dissertation will be closely supervised by one of our experts who will dedicate time to guide you in your project.

    Course unit details for Year 3

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