Get ahead in the world of work

Students who spend a year in industry may be offered a position after they finish their studies.

With our Environmental Science with Industrial Experience (BSc) undergraduate degree you have the option to spend a year working in industry.

You will find that work experience makes you stand out as a strong candidate when it comes to landing your first job. It shows you are motivated and hard-working and you have already demonstrated that you can apply your knowledge and understanding.

Work experience also helps you to develop the transferable skills that employers find so attractive. Our industrial placements provide you with important opportunities to network. Personal contacts can be invaluable for finding jobs and getting support in your career.

Many of our students make such a positive impression during their placements that they are offered a position after they finish their studies.


Thanks to our close contacts and research collaborations with many companies and major employers, we can offer you a wide variety of roles in destinations across the globe.


Ties between our School and many graduate employers open up opportunities for internships and graduate programmes.

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