Environmental and Resource Geology BSc

F630 (3 Years)

If you fancy exploring the resources of the earth, but you are concerned about sustainability and safe disposal of waste, then our Environmental and Resource Geology BSc could be the right degree for you.

The course is fully accredited by the Geological Society of London. It includes a full programme of fieldwork and practical classes. You will study a wide range of course units, which introduce you to a broad knowledge base but allow you to develop and deepen your own specialist academic interests.

Geologists find employment in the oil and gas, mining, geotechnical, water and environmental areas. Competent scientists, with analytical and numerical skills are sought after in many laboratory-based disciplines. Many of our graduates continue on to further degrees.

Years 1-3

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
  • We will introduce you to the laboratory and field skills necessary to take you through your degree.  We will provide you with a firm basis in quantitative science and introduce you to the range of IT facilities available here.  We introduce you to the field of earth sciences, so that you are aware of the scope of the subject and its role in the exploitation and conservation of resources.

    Field courses to: Castleton and Devon

    Course unit details for Year 1

  • You will continue to develop your earth science and geology skills and begin to decide on your subject preferences and specialisms. Along with courses in global tectonics and geophysics you will begin to explore aspects of geochemistry and environmental issues of geological systems.

    As you broaden your geological knowledge we will place increasing emphasis on developing your transferable skills necessary for gaining employment after graduation.  Small group tutorials concentrate on transferrable skills necessary for employment. You’ll take part in CV compilation, and oral presentations.

    Course unit details for Year 2

  • You will be able to cultivate the specialist interests you have developed and choose from a range of options. We also help you develop critical faculties and to improve your presentation skills to enable you to enhance your opportunities for employment or further study after you graduate.

    You will complete an independent mapping project: a five-week field course where you will produce a detailed geological map and report, consider an aspect of the resource or environmental aspects of the area, as well as demonstrating qualities of organisation and self-reliance as well as subject specific skills.

    Field course to: Tenerife

    Course unit details for Year 3

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