Study and travel abroad

If you like exploring foreign places then you could widen your educational experience by spending a semester studying at a foreign university.

All of our three and four year undergraduate courses give you the option to study abroad, with recent destinations of our students including Hong Kong, Toronto, Sydney and Singapore.

To qualify for this semester abroad you must achieve good marks in your first-year exams and demonstrate a keen commitment throughout your course.

You will graduate at the same time as the rest of your year group so you will not need to fund an extra year of study. You will only pay tuition fees to The University of Manchester.

The University has 'study abroad' partnerships with over 100 universities in Europe and more than 70 institutions from further afield.

A whole year abroad

Several courses give you the option to spend an entire year studying abroad. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your perspective and see how other countries approach the earth sciences and environmental issues.

Find out more about the courses: Geography and Geology with a year abroad (BSc), Environmental Science with a year abroad (BSc)

Other travel opportunities

If you choose our Environmental Science with Industrial Experience course, you will spend Year 3 in an industrial placement, which could also be overseas.

Our extensive programme of fieldwork involves trips to different parts of the UK and abroad. Students also often travel abroad as part of their final year projects and the independent mapping challenge.

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