Angela Jane Speakman Prize

Angela Jane Speakman (31/10/1966 – 28/02/2003) attended The University of Manchester from October 1991 to July 1994, where she studied Biology and Geology and graduated with a First Class Honours degree.

This prize was set up in treasured memory of Angela by her family and friends. Angela was generous in her friendship, joyfully sharing her energy and enthusiasm to help and inspire her fellows to achieve. The prize is awarded annually to the student who shows the greatest aptitude in palaeontology.


2017 Torin Cannings

2016 Adam Fletcher

2015 Elspeth Wallace & Ella Goodall

2014 Not awarded

2013 Thea Sida-Murray

2010 Anthony Hancy

2009 Charlotte Brassey

2008 Not awarded

2007 Catherine Bennett

2006 Not awarded

2005 K Bates

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