Aoife Moriarty

Course: Petroleum Geoscence MSc

"I am currently working in Aberdeen with Senergy Ltd as a geoscientist. Senergy are a consultancy and so since joining I have worked on many different projects for many different clients. I started off working mainly as a seismic interpreter but now have moved into the geomodelling world. I get involved in all aspects of the subsurface work from exploration through to development, from model building to well planning." 


"I had just finished my MSc research thesis, which I undertook working with Burlington Resources in London, when I heard of a job availability in Senergy through a friend who was working for them. This friend also attended the Manchester MSc!

"The Manchester MSC is highly thought of in the petroleum industry. My supervisors in both Burlington Resources and here at Senergy value it and realise that it’s graduates are among the best. The Manchester MSc course has been extremely valuable to me as it covered most aspects of the industry and was a good grounding in what to expect when joining the industry.

"I loved Manchester as a city as it is full of students, the city centre is quite compact and it has a brilliant music scene. Only problem is the constant rain which showers the city. I would recommend the MSc at manchester to anyone who wants to land themselves a job in the oil and gas industry."

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