Staff - Technical support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Heath Bagshaw Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3061702 Williamson Building - B08D 
Mr Alastair Bewsher Senior Technician 0161-2750387 Williamson Building - 1.25A 
Mr Christopher Boothman Senior Experimental Officer Williamson Building 
Dr John Cowpe Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2750384 Williamson Building - G67 
Mrs Catherine Davies Health and Safety Advisor, Technical Services Manager 0161-3066573 Williamson Building - B08B 
Mrs Amanda Edwards Lecturer 0161-2753825 Williamson Building 
Dr Jonathan Fellowes Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2753814 Williamson Building - B08F 
Dr Michael Flynn Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063905 Simon Building - 1.02 
Mr Barry Gale Technician 0161-3063956 Simon Building - WORKSHOP. G06 
Mrs Veronica Buckingham-Bostock Teaching Technician 0161-2752906 Williamson Building - B.08E 
Mr Paul Lythgoe Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2753834 Williamson Building - 1.22A 
Mr Steven May Experimental Officer 0161-2753945 Williamson Building - B.63 
Mr Lee Paul Mech Workshop Tech & Dep Estates Liaison Simon Building 
Mr Stephen Stockley Technician (Thin Section) 0161-2753839 Williamson Building 
Dr Karen Theis Senior Analytical Technician 0161-2753814 Williamson Building - SEAES B08F 
Miss Roseanna Byrne Laboratory support technician Williamson Building 
Dr Lydia Fawcett Staff 0161-2750384 Williamson Building - G67 
Mrs Sandra Kennedy Technician 
Dr Karren Palmer Research Technician 0161-3062585 John Garside Building 
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