Research impact

Research at Manchester is about more than citations in academic papers.

Our aim is to apply our expertise in order to find solutions to the great challenges society faces. We strive to shape the international agenda in collaboration with our partners in industry, government and academia.  All of our research activities which are focussed on delivering business or government benefit (impact) were judged to be internationally excellent or world leading through the REF2014 exercise.  

Discover the impact our research has in the real world by reading the features below.

Environmental monitoring spin-out Salamander

Spin-out company Salamander developed new instruments that now provide the UK water and gas industries with continuous environmental monitoring. 

Salamander case study

Development of predictive models for the distribution of hydrocarbon reservoir rocks in rift basins

Major oil companies around the world are using models developed by our researchers to find new reserves of oil and gas.

Oil reservoir prediction case study

Safer management of our nuclear legacy

Through engagement with research councils and industry, our research helps clean-up radioactive materials and wastes from 60+ years of nuclear power generation.

Nuclear legacy case study

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