Mark Nottingham

PhD Project title: Resonance Photo-Ionisation Mass Spectrometry: The Development and Implementation of Measurement Methods for Heavy Noble Gases in Extra-Terrestrial Material.

PhD supervisors: Prof. Jamie D. Gilmour


Project Description

The project involves intensive work with the Resonance Ionisation Mass Spectrometer for Krypton Isotopes (RIMSKI) instrument. Both developing the procedures and instrumentation involved in the measurement of extra-terrestrial samples. Tantamount to these developments is the measurement of a range of extra-terrestrial material in order to identify cosmic ray exposure ages via the 81Kr-Kr dating cosmic ray exposure scheme.

The first of these developments being made to the RIMSKI instrument will allow tandem analysis of xenon isotopes and krypton isotopes via the implementation of a xenon ionisation beam line. The present samples extend to a range of CAIs from the Allende CV3 chondrite as part of a collaboration with J. Wasson & A. Rubin of UCLA. The hope is to identify cosmic ray exposures for individual CAIs in order to better understand the formation processes that have affected these inclusions.    


Publication List

Conference Abstracts:

-       M. Nottingham, I. Strashnov, J. D. Gilmour, (2013), 81Kr – Kr Analyses of Individual CAIs in the Allende Meteorite, The 2013 Joint Meeting of the Paneth Kolloquium


-       V. A. Fernandes, R. Burgess, S. A. Crowther, J. P. Fritz, J. D. Gilmour, A. Irving, M. M. M. Meier, M. Nottingham, R. Wieler, (2013), Ar-Ar and Noble gas systematics of the ungrouped achondrite NWA 6704, 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.


-       P. L. Clay, A. J. King, S. A. Crowther, M. Nottingham, J. D. Gilmour, R. Wieler, H. Busemann, (2013), Noble Gas Chronology of EH3 Chondrite ALHA77295 By Closed System Stepped Etching, 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.


-       I. Strashnov, M. Nottingham, J. Llorca, J. D. Gilmour, (2012), 81Kr-Kr Cosmic Ray Exposure Age of the Puerto Lapice (and Other) Eucrites, The 43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.


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March 2013



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Administration roles

-       Green Impact Project Assistant & Williamson building team member

Teaching roles

-       Demonstrator for Seismic & Volcanic Hazards (2013)

-       Demonstrator for Earth Materials (2013)


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