Noble gas facilities

The Isotope Group noble gas facilities underpin many terrestrial and planetary research pathways within the group. The facilities are supported by funding from the ERC through the NOBLE project,  the University of Manchester and the National Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Science and Technology Facilities Research Council (STFC). We also have an industrial relationship with Thermo Scientific to help develop the Argus and Helix multi-collector mass spectrometers. More details about the labs are provided below.


The University of Manchester noble gas isotope research group took delivery of a Thermo Scientific Argus VI mass spectrometer in mid 2012, as part of the ongoing ERC NOBLE project. The Argus VI is specially designed to quantify Ar isotopes from small samples.


The Mass Spectrometer 1 instrument has been used to provide high calibre science returns for over 40 years! It was one of the first instruments in the world to measure the age of Moon rocks collected by the Apollo missions. 


The VG5400 produce high sensitivity measurements of all noble gas (He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe) isotopes.


A Thermo HELIX multi-collor (MC) mass spectrometer for precise isotopic determinations of natural noble gas in planetary and terrestrial samples

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