Strat Group People

Academic Staff

Prof Stephen Flint Professor 0161 3066971 University of Manchester
Dr Dave Hodgson Reader in Applied Sedimentology 0113 3430236 University of Leeds
Dr Rufus Brunt Lecturer in Petroleum Geology 0161 3066816 University of Manchester

Research Staff

Dr Rhodri Jerrett Post doctoral Research Fellow  0161-3066816 University of Manchester
Miquel Poyatos More Post doctoral Research Associate   University of Manchester

Research Students

Hannah Brookes University of Leeds Influence of tectonic, erosional, and depositional relief on deepwater processes and stratigraphy
Eoin Dunlevy University of Manchester Shelf edge processes and reservoir architecture on high-sedimentation rate margins, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
Luz Gomis University of Manchester Sedimentology, depositional architecture and sequence stratigraphy of the shallow marine to non-marine transition in the Karoo Basin, South Africa
Marcello Gugliotta University of Manchester Tidal-Fluvial transitions and their stratigraphic significance
Menno Hofstra University of Leeds From confined to unconfined: the sedimentary processes and stratigraphic record of submarine channel-mouth lobes
Janet Richardson University of Leeds Antecedent fluvial systems on an uplifted continental margin: constraining Cretaceous to present-day drainage basin development in southern South Africa
Yvonne-Therese Spychala University of Leeds Are all lobes made equal? Comparing the sedimentological processes and depositional architecture of submarine lobes in different palaeogeographic and sequence stratigraphic positions

Past Members of the STRAT Group


 Post-Doctoral & Academic Members of Staff:
Andrew Wilson 2009-2013 Now working for Chemostrat, Perth, Australia
Willem van der Merwe 2008-2011 Now with Nexen, UK
Katrien Van Landeghem 2010-2012 Now Lecturer at Bangor University, Wales
Michaela Aehnelt 2008-2010 Now at Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany
Claudio Di Celma 2006-2008 Now Lecturer at Universita di Camerino, Italy
Jamie Pringle 2005-2006 Now Senior Lecturer at Keele University
Matthew Brettle 2001-2003 Now with Premier Oil
David Hodgetts 1997-2003 Now Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester
John Howell 1992-2002 Now Professor at the University of Aberdeen, UK
Duncan McIlroy 1996-2002 Now Professor at Memorial University, Canada
Gonzalo Veiga 2000-2002 Now Lecturer at Universidad de la Plata, Argentina
Zayed Awad 2002 Visiting lecturer  from the University of Khartoum, Sudan
David Keighley 1997-1999 Now Associate Professor at the University of New Brunswick, Canada
Pete Burgess 1996-1998 Now Professor at Royal Holloway, London
Nigel Moutney 1996-1998 Now Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds
Stephen Johnson 1995-1997 Now with Shell in Houston
Sarah Davies 1995-1997 Now Professor at the University of Leicester
Gary Hampson 1996-1997 Now Reader at Imperial College, London
John Aitken 1991-1994 Now senior geologist with Petronas, Malaysia
Ciaran O'Byrne 1990-1992 Now with Shell in Houston


Postgraduate students & Research Assistants
Alice Gulliford
2011-2014 Now working for BG Group, Reading, UK
Emma Morris
2010-2014 Now working for Badley Ashtons, Houston, USA
George Jones 2010-2013 Now working for VNG, Norway
Nicola Eland 2011-2012 Now attending the Petroleum Geology MSc at the University of Manchester
Heather Rawcilffe 2011-2012 Now a PhD student in Glasgow
Laura Edwards 2011-2012 Now a PhD student in Lancaster
Ajay Mistry 2009-2010 Now working for Excelian, Paris
Rory O'Hara Murray 2006-2010 Now working as a Marine Renewables Oceanographer, Scotland
John Cummings 2006-2010 Now working for Ichron, Cheshire, UK
Rowena Moore 2005-2009  
Sophia Stone 2008-2009 Now living in the U.S.A.
Carlos Monnerat de Oliveira 2005-2008 Now working for Petrobras in Brazil
Emily Parrott 2007-2008  
Laura McAllister 2006-2007  
Becky Harrison 2006-2007  
Chris Haigh 2005-2006 Now working with Venture Information Management, Staines
Richard Wild 2002-2005 Now working with Statoil, Trondheim
Ros King 2002-2005 Now Lecturer at the University of Adelaide, Australia
Roy Davies 2001-2005 Now with EON, London
Belinda Van Lente 2002-2004 Visiting PhD student from Stellenbosch University in South Africa
Chris Edwards 2000-2004 Now with Statoil in Stavanger
Rebecca Smith 2002-2003 Now with Badley Ashton
Bruce Ainsworth 2000-2003 Now with Chevron, Perth, Australia
Alex Fordham 2001-2002 Now a post-doc at the University of Aberdeen
Stephen Collins 1998-2002 Now with Shell in the Netherlands
Kevin Keogh 1994-2002 Now with Statoil Calgary, Canada
Anna Stromback 1998-2002 Now with Statoil in Harstad, Norway
Ernesto Schwartz 2002 Now a Lecturer at Universidad de la Plata, Argentina
Martin Grecula 1997-2001 Now with Shell in Aberdeen
Pete Sixsmith 1996-2000 Now with Chevron, Perth
Susie McElderry 1994-1997  
Roy Fitzsimmons 1991-1994 Now with BHP Billiton, Houston
Mark Cooper 1991-1994 Now with BGS, Belfast
John Ardill 1993-1996 Now with Exxon Mobil, Dallas
Fran Ray 1993-1996 Now with Nexen, UK
John Toth 1992-1995  
Simon Knight 1994 Now with Statoil, Norway
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