Slope 4 Deliverables

A unique exploration scale dataset built with outcrop scale observations was constructed during the Slope 1, 2 and 3 projects. The Slope 4 project aims to use this as a framework in order to asses the spatial distribution of depositional environments and architecture, and at the larger scale increase understanding of subsidence mechanisms leading to deposition within the Karoo Basin.

Theme A - The Karoo Basin stratigraphic architecture

A1 - Influence of tectonic and depositional relief
A2 - Basin-scale depositional architecture
A3 - 7500km3 of stratigraphy in 3D

Theme B - Capturing sedimentary processes in key stratigraphic positions

B1 - On the fluvial to shelf transition
B2 - Distribution of channel-levee types
B3 - How do levees become lobes
B4 - To be attached or not to be attached

Theme C - What is the Karoo Basin? Reassessment of subsidence mechanisms and rates

C1 - Influence of inherited basement structure
C2 - Radiometric and Magnetostratigraphic dating

Theme D – Dissemination & embedding of results and concepts in sponsor workflows

D1 – In-house workshops and field courses

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