Prediction of Deposition, Deformation and Diagenesis (PD3): A Centre for Integrated, Multiscale Carbonate Petroleum Geoscience

Sponsors are now being sought for this new initiative combines the expertise of an integrated, cross-disciplinary community of internationally renowned experts who have established collaborative partnerships and a track-record in carbonate petroleum geoscience research, leadership and deployment. The overarching goal of the proposal is to build a world-leading centre of expertise in carbonate petroleum geosciences focussed on process-based predictive understanding of deposition, deformation and diagenesis (PD3) in carbonate systems.
The ultimate aim of PD3 is to deliver decision matrices, parameterised databases and rules sets by which the likelihood of encountering specific depositional, diagenetic or structural geobodies within a given reservoir or field can be constrained. This will be achieved by integration of quantitative quantitative geological observations and experimental forward models. Process-led interpretations will be derived that constrain the controls upon, and interaction of, sedimentological, structural and diagenetic evolution of carbonate platforms and their impact on reservoir properties.
Collaborating partners: Prof Rob Gawthorpe, Dr Eivind Bastesen and Dr Atle Rotevatn (University of Bergen), Prof Peter Burgess (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Dr Fiona Whitaker (University of Bristol)

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