Equipment and facilities

The Cameca SX 100 Electron Microprobe is a fully digitized instrument with highly integrated electronics and full automation which can be set up for unattended analysis and evaluation. Further information.

This laboratory houses the FEI XL30 ESEM FEG, which is capable of operating over a range of water vapour partial pressures. The instrument is highly versatile and can be used for investigating the morphologies and elemental compositions of a range of biological and mineralogical specimens. Further information.

The JEOL JSM-6400 is our work-horse Scanning Electron Microscope. Further information.

Mössbauer Spectrometer

Fastcomtec MCA-3 Mössbauer Spectrometer. Further information.

Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIA Atomic Force Microscope.  Further information.

RHK-VG UHV-Scanning Tunneling Microscope.  Further information.

The XRD lab deals with classic geological problems such as soil lithography and mineral phase identification.  Further information.

The Gemini 2360 Surface Area Analyser measures the surface area of samples by making use of the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) theory.  Further information.

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