Standard Operating procedures

The following is a partial list of operating procedures and MAGU standard operating procedures. Hard copy is available for consultation in the Chemistry Laboratory (Rm 1.18).

  1. General I.C.P.-M.S. sample preparation information
  2. Open dish digestion method
  3. Microwave Digestion (PL001 Sample digestion using the MDS-2000 Microwave Sample Preparation System)
  4. Lithium metaborate fusion dissolution method.

Standard operating procedures and documentation

Standard Operating Procedures and documentation for FERA PHL 52716 198178 4 LICENCE (PDF)
SOP1 2014 (Word), SOP2 2014 (Word), Training 2014 (Powerpoint), Notice 2012, Letter of Authority 2014 (PDF), Importation guide, Plant Health Licence 2014 (PDF) and Explanatory Notes

  • DP001 Laboratory code of Practice (in PDF format)
  • DP003 Reporting Non-Compliance with Health & Safety Regulations
  • DP005 Management of Outside work
  • DP006 Writing, Reviewing & Referencing Operating Procedures Standard Operating Procedures
  • DP007 Analytical Error Calculations Using CHEMCAL4
  • DP008 Expression of Results: Units, Errors & Significant Figures
  • DP010 General Use of Volumetric Glassware
  • DP011 Estimating Total Dissolved Solids from Electrical Conductivity Data
  • DR970402 River Water Sampling & Acidification of River Water Samples
  • DR970405 Sample Bottle Cleaning
  • DR970401 Determination of Alkalinity in Natural Waters
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