Welcome to Russell Garwood

Welcome to Dr Russell Garwood, who joins the School in January 2015 as Lecturer in Palaeontology. Russell currently holds a research fellowship in the school funded by the Royal Commission for the Great Exhibition of 1851. He gained an MSci in geology from Imperial College London in 2007, before completing a PhD at the same institution. This was based on high-resolution computed tomography (CT) scanning, applied to improve understanding of the mode of life, relationships, and palaeobiology of early land animals. It led to a role running the CT facilities, and conducting research, at the Natural History Museum, London, before his move to Manchester.

Russell's research interests include X-ray techniques, 3D reconstruction and computational approaches in earth sciences, terrestrialisation, and the fossil record and evolutionary relationships of the arthropods — particularly arachnids and insects. Russell’s current research activities include using CT to study: fossils from ancient terrestrial ecosystems to provide a better understanding of early life on land; the origins and evolution of arachnids and insects; the fossil record of insect development; early cellular fossils that record the first 2 billion years of evolution; and the earliest animals with hard parts. He is also working on developing X-ray techniques to non-destructively map the chemistry of geological samples, and software that simulates evolution over long time periods with large population numbers.

Russell is a fellow of the Geological Society of London and the Royal Institution, a member of the Palaeontological Association, and a Scientific Associate at the Natural History Museum, London. He has also recently been appointed a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute (http://www.software.ac.uk/news/2014-12-05-chosen-fellows-2015-announced) to promote and provide training in the use of open-source software for analysing tomographic studies.


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