STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships 2017

The School invites expressions of interest from potential applicants for STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships

STFC ER Fellowships

Information on these 5-year fellowships, including the application procedure and eligibility, can be found on the STFC website. The School has one fellowship to offer this year but please note that applications for returners to work are not limited under the STFC quota system (see below).

You are strongly advised to make contact with a member of member of School academic staff as appropriate for your research proposal well in advance of the deadline.
Expressions of interest should include:
•        a CV
•        Your top 5 publications, and a statement regarding your contribution to these papers
•        Two references to be confidentially emailed to
•        a preliminary research proposal (maximum 3 pages)

The deadline for consideration: 11th August 2017.

Planned date for offers to support: 18th August 2017.

If you are selected as the Manchester-supported candidate(s) we will work with you to prepare the full application to STFC (deadline 21 September 2017). 

Expressions should be submitted to Sara Lockett (Research Support Manager) and copied to the appropriate member of academic staff as above.

Returners to Research
STFC encourages returners to research and the limit will not apply to any applications from candidates who are intending to return to research from a career break (normally of at least one year).  Ernest Rutherford Fellowship applications from returners may be submitted in excess of departmental limits. Returner applications will be judged solely on the applicant’s track record prior to their career break.  The Fellowship Panel will look to the track record for evidence of the qualities of excellence and potential expected of a fellowship holder. 

Tier 1 Visas
All successful Ernest Rutherford Fellowship applicants who require a visa to work in the UK will be eligible to be considered under the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa route (  RCUK is able to provide additional guidance regarding the appropriate evidence required to complete the visa application process under the Exceptional Talent visa. 
Please contact  for further details.


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