SEES go for gold at the Green Impact awards

The School would like to congratulate the SEES Green Impact teams who received outstanding results in the 2016/17 Green Impact Awards (8 November 2017).

This is a fantastic result that acknowledges the School's collective efforts towards sustainability and ensuring that the School labs and workshops meet the national environmental accreditation scheme.

Structural Geology Teaching Lab, Bronze Award Thin Section Workshop, Silver Award Geochemistry Laboratory, Gold Award Geomicrobiology Laboratory, Gold Award Electron Microscopes and XRD Lab, Gold Award Kinetics Lab, Silver Award Cosmochemistry Cleanroom Suite, Gold Award Analytical Geochemistry Labs, Gold Award Organic Geochemistry Labs, Gold Award.

And for the first time following many years achieving silver, the SEES School team received a Gold Award.

The work that the SEES School team did at Fog Lane Park, Manchester has been entered for the RAS Award by Manchester City Council.

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