Industrial consortia

Application of fundamental research of sedimentology and structural geology to petroleum geoscience and geohazards. Major programmes supported by the petroleum industry include: North African petroleum geology (NARG), digital outcrop analogues and reservoir modelling, and seismic sedimentology and geomorphology.

NARG Industrial consortia

North Africa Research Group (NARG)

The North Africa Research Group (NARG) conducts multi-disciplinary basin analysis research with a petroleum geoscience theme in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia. The research includes projects with integrated sedimentology, geochemistry, seismic interpretation, petrophysics and reservoir engineering.


Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)

Integrating LiDAR, DGPS, photogrammetry and traditional field methods are important for improved understanding of sedimentology and structure. These quantitative techinques are applied to petroleum geology and geo-conservation among others.

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