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Insight into Planetary Science at the University of Manchester: 1st November 2017

Register via: https://wpdatabase.manchester.ac.uk/event/?id=671

Find out how planetary scientists learn about our solar system by studying extraterrestrial  rocks and planetary images.  Meet scientists who study moon rocks and meteorites, and who work on missions of planetary exploration.

On the day you will work with meteorites, making observations to explore what they tell us about the earliest period of solar system history, the time when the asteroids were forming 4.56 billion years ago.

You will also work with planetary images to learn how we use the craters left behind by asteroid and comet impacts to determine the histories of surfaces on the Moon, Mars and other planetary bodies across the solar system.

Insight into Earthquakes and Volcanoes at the University of Manchester: 3rd November 2017

Register via: https://wpdatabase.manchester.ac.uk/event/?id=672

Feel the heat of molten lava and see the earth shake at the University of Manchester! Meet scientists who have spent their careers studying active volcanoes and active faults, take part in physical and numerical experiments and learn about key volcanic and tectonic processes, first hand.  

You’ll discover how calderas collapse after major eruptions, how mineral chemistry affects the flow rate of 1000 °C lava flows, and what volcanologists do when they are working on an active volcano.

We’ll examine how the earth moves with experiments that reproduce the earthquake engine, and what happens during earthquakes using numerical models of fault systems, before summarising the main take-home scientific lessons from the day, and concluding with a bang, with an outdoor explosive eruption.

Staff spotlight

Kate Brodie, director of undergraduate earth science and geology courses

Kate Brodie is in charge of all our undergraduate earth science and geology courses.

I am very keen on practical and field work where students get the opportunity to put into practice all that they have learnt in lectures.

Meet Kate and other staff on our Open Day.

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