Geology with Planetary Science MEarthSci

F6FM (4 Years)

Learn about the formation of the solar system and how the Earth and other planets have evolved since their formation 4.5 billion years ago.

This degree course integrates the major subjects studied in a geology degree with aspects of physics and astronomy. It includes specialist study of comparative planetology, extraterrestrial materials, the formation of the elements and the origin of the solar system. Graduates can pursue careers in geology or undertake further study to become planetary science researchers.

The course is integrated with our core geology degrees. For this reason you have the flexibility to choose to continue on the planetary science pathway or join one of our geology courses for the first 3-4 semesters of study. The course includes field courses where you can test your developing understanding - there are expeditions to North West ScotlandPembrokeshireFrance and the Ries impact structure in southern Germany as well as an independent mapping project where you spend 6 weeks in the field during the summer between your second and third years.  In the fourth year you study masters-level courses and pursue an independent research project guided by one of our planetary science researchers.

Once at Manchester you also have the option of choosing to transfer to our Geology and Planetary Science BSc degree.  This does not include an independent mapping project - students do a third year independent research project in planetary science instead.

Years 1-4

  • Your first year of study is designed to introduce you to earth and planetary sciences. We welcome newcomers to this scientific field and we support all students to develop a firm foundation during this year with weekly tutorials. We also introduce you to fieldwork and laboratory skills and develop your mathematical ability to prepare you for study in subsequent years

    Field courses to: Castleton and Devon

    Course unit details for Year 1

  • We build upon your broad introduction to geoscience. As you develop your skills as a geologist and learn more about geophysics and global tectonics we also introduce you to astronomy and the physics of the atmosphere. As you broaden your geological knowledge you will also develop transferable skills necessary for employment including preparing for your independent mapping project.

    Course unit details for Year 2

  • You will build on the broad foundation of the earlier years to reach an advanced level of understanding in the core part of Earth and planetary sciences, while allowing some specialization in applied and non-core areas of the subject. You will also complete our indepedent mapping project: a five-week field course where you will produce a detailed geological map and report, demonstrating qualities of organisation and self-reliance as well as subject specific skills.

    Field course to: Ries impact crater, Germany

    Course unit details for Year 3

  • You will work and study alongside MSc, PhD students and our research scientists. The research skills and independence you develop during this year are highly valued by employers.   This degree allows you to work as a professional geoscientist and is particularly well suited to train you to undertake postgraduate research in planetary or geoscience.  Because it includes the independent mapping project this degree is accredited by the Geological Society of London. 

    Course unit details for Year 4

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