Geochemistry BSc

F670 (3 Years)

If you have a strong background in physical sciences and are interested in the chemistry of natural systems and their evolution through time, then our three year Geochemistry BSc might be the right course for you.

Fully accredited by the Geological Society of London, this course will let you apply geochemical methods to problems as diverse as the origin of the solar system and polluted groundwater. You can choose to study topics such as a biogeochemical cycles, organic systems, analytical techniques and isotope geochemistry. The content of our courses is inspired by the on-going research of our world-leading staff.

This course also allows you the opportunity to put into practice everything you learn in the lecture theatre and in labs on field courses across the UK and abroad. You will be taught by academics who are the experts in their fields and we place a strong emphasis on project work, which represents around half of your assessment.

The School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences is open and friendly; staff and students feel part of our family.

Years 1-3

  • We will give you an overall introduction to Earth Sciences and by the end of the first year you will be familiar with the structure and composition of the Earth and other planets and be able to describe and analyse simple geological structures using maps and sections, amongst other skills. We will provide you with a firm basis in quantitative science and introduce you to the range of IT facilities available here.

    Field courses to: Castleton and Devon 

    Course unit details for Year 1

  • You will take a closer look at the nature, origin and distribution of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, begin to understand structural and global tectonic processes and undertake geophysical surveys, as well as geochemistry courses. Small group tutorials concentrate on transferable skills necessary for employment. You will take part in CV compilation, and oral presentations.

    Course unit details for Year 2

  • You will be able to specialise your advanced knowledge of geochemistry and discover how it can be applied in industry and research. You will complete an independent mapping project: a five-week field course where you will produce a detailed geological map and report and consider an aspect of the geochemistry of your mapping area. This course will demonstrate your self-reliance and organisational skills as well as your subject specific skills and knowledge.

    Field course to: Tenerife

    Course unit details for Year 3

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