Why study environmental and resource geology?

Our planet is rich in resources, but history suggests that we have a lot to learn when it comes to looking after our environment and managing our natural resources in a sustainable manner. Our specialist Environmental and Resource Geology (ERG) course focuses on the physical, chemical and biological processes - and the impact of human activity - that affect ecosystems, climate and the production of natural resources such as minerals, ores, oil and gas.

If you are particularly interested in exploration for earth resources and the environmental impact of their extraction, along with the safe disposal of any waste products, this course will suit you well.

Although this course includes specialist units, you will also take a wide range of compulsory and optional geology and earth science units. By the time you graduate you will be a competent geoscientsist with excellent field and laboratory skills and ready to find employment in industry or continue your academic education.

Fieldwork at Llygwy Bay

What will I study?

Like all our degree courses, ERG is a field-based, multi-disciplinary science that integrates the principles of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics in the study of Earth processes, especially the formation of mineral, oil and gas desposits. You will study a broad range of topics including plate tectonics, groundwater flow, energy resources, sedimentry and metamorphic rocks, minerology, structural geology and geophysics. 

Why should I choose environmental and resource geology at Manchester?

All our degree courses are suitable if you want to keep your options open or are uncertain about your future career plans. They provide a perfect gateway to postgraduate study and graduate employment. This particular course allows you to specialise early and build up your knowledge of exploratory geological surveying and the principles of good environmental management during the extraction and exploitation of natural resources.

You can also extend your studies with our four-year MEarthSci degree. This course allows you to focus on a research project and take a number of specialist postgraduate units.

The School is open and welcoming, with low staff:student ratios. We have a supportive family atmosphere. The University also has a superb library and excellent careers service. 

The geology courses are accredited by the Geological Society of London and has is a wide choice of options in the third year. You will enjoy ample opportunity to put what you’ve learned in to practice on fieldtrips. 

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