Why study the four-year MEarthSci?

The four-year MEarthSci undergraduate masters degree gives you the chance to enhance your knowledge in specialist fields and to undertake a research project.

You will study alongside your fellow BSc geologists and earth scientists for the first three years of your course. In your fourth and final year you will have the opportunity to choose advanced postgraduate masters units in your preferred areas of specialism.

The focus of your final year is an extended research project, working alongside other postgraduate students and research staff.

The MEarthSci enhances your qualification and demonstrates your commitment to academic study and the rigours of scientific research. With excellent exposure to laboratory and field research you will stand out in the job market; experience, knowledge and passion are key characteristics that employers look for in applicants. You may also wish to continue your research; the MEarthSci is a perfect starting point for a PhD.

Sampling boat at resevoir

What will I study?

Whether you end up specialising in exploratory geology, radioactive waste management, geochemistry, or planetary science, the earth sciences are typically field-based and multidisciplinary in nature. Our four-year course provides you with an early foundation across all disciplines so you will become a rounded and knowledgeable geoscientist (accredited by the Geological Society of London). You will be in demand to study and evaluate geologic hazards, natural resources and environmental issues such as groundwater supply, pollution and industrial contamination.

All of our courses are accredited by the Geological Society of London.

Why should I choose earth sciences at Manchester?

Our broad geology and earth science-based degree courses cover all major aspects of this discipline; they are ideal if you want to keep your options open or are uncertain about your future career plans. The MEarthSci course offers you an opportunity to work within one of our research groups and develop your research knowledge and expertise. It is an ideal choice if you wish to pursue a career in research either in academia or industry.

The School is open and welcoming, with low staff:student ratios. We have a supportive family atmosphere.

The courses are accredited by the Geological Society of London and there is a wide choice of options in the third year. You will enjoy ample opportunity to put what you've learned in to practice on field trips. 

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Why us?

  • Friendly and welcoming community
  • Free field trips in the UK and abroad – just pay for food
  • Industry placements and experience
  • Learn about the latest research from leading scientists
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