MacKenzie and Guilford Prize

Professor MacKenzie

Best first class performance in each of the School's Single Honours and Geography and Geology courses.

Professor W S MacKenzie was Professor of Petrology and Cyril Guilford was the Laboratory Superintendent in the Department of Geology. In the 1980s they wrote (with other collaborators) a series of ‘atlases’ consisting of high quality photomicrographs of rocks and minerals; the first time this had been attempted for the student market. These innovative texts have sold hundreds of thousands of copies all round the globe and are still in print.

This prize was endowed by the authors using income from selling birefringence charts from the books to other universities for use in the laboratory.


2017 Daniel Cheung

2016 Emily Bamber

2015 Joseph Shaw

2014 Francesca Twynam

2013 Isabelle Pouncey

2012 Thomas Williams

2010 Peter Whorton

2009 Charlotte Brassey

2008 Claire Thorpe

2007 Oliver Duffy and Catherine Bennett

2006 K Baker, R. Evans and R. Hosker

2005 N Goodwin and K. Bates

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