FM Broadhurst Prize

Fred Broadhurst

Best overall performance in Geology (single or joint Honours) first-year examinations

Fred Broadhurst joined The University of Manchester Department of Geology in 1948 as a BSc student. He stayed for all his career, retiring as a Senior Lecturer in 1990. He was an inspirational teacher of Palaeontology and Sedimentology and was in his element in the field. He died in 2009. Generations of Geology students remember him with fondness and gratitude. Fred endowed this prize himself, partly out of the money collected for his retirement – a typical act of generosity.


2015 Daniel Cheung

2014 Emily Bamber

2013 Joseph Shaw

2012 Alex Hughes

2011 Isabelle Pouncey

2010 Elliot Brookes

2009 Brandon Allen Lee

2008 Joshua Hurst

2007 Andrew Parker

2006 John Thimbleby

2005 Oliver Duffy and Amy Ellis


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