Francesca Twynam (2013 winner)

Francesca Twynam 2013

Francesca’s field area is located along the southern edge of the Isle of Islay, part of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland. With a large variety of metabasite compositions, semi conformable sills cut through a Neoproterozoic sequence of low grade metamorphosed semi pelitic and psammitic metasediments. These were deposited approximately 620 Ma ago in a period of crustal extension. Laterally discontinuous carbonate inclusions and minor limestone within this sequence provides evidence for the equatorial position of this productive shallow sea. For its age the whole area is relatively undeformed by the effects of folding and faulting with the entire sequence occurring on a single limb of the Islay anticline to the northwest of Francesca’s mapping area. Post metamorphism the area has undergone the intrusion of Paleogene olivine dolerite dykes that lie perpendicular to all other units in the area.

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