Elizabeth Coupe and Joseph Shaw

Calvert Armstrong Memorial Fund Prize winners 2014

Elizabeth Coupe

Liz's and Joe's field area is in the foothills of the Pyrenees, near Oliana in northern Spain. The geology consists of Cenozoic cover dominated by marls and conglomerates overlying Hercynian basement rocks. The marls and silicilastic sediments were deposited into the Ebro foreland basin which formed due to loading of the Iberian plate during the Pyrenean orogeny. 

Joseph Shaw

The main feature of the area is a NE-SW trending anticline which is a growth structure formed in response to the southwards transport of thrust sheets during the orogeny. The geometry of the conglomerates shows syn-tectonic deposition, and the varying clast types show provenance from different parts of the mountain belt.

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