Alex Hughes (2013 winner)

Alex Hughes 2013

Alex's mapping area is based around the small town of Gaffarillos, near Almeria in Andalucia, South East Spain. It is an area which has undergone recent uplift of a lower Paleozoic metamorphic basement of graphitic mica schist during the Messasinian to form the Sierra Cabrera. This uplift has folded and faulted the Triassic series of metamorphic dolomite, gneissose gypsum and phyllite which lie above the basement and the exact nature of this faulting is what Alex is investigating, working on the theory of a low angle detachment fault in the east of the area caused by the Triassic rocks sliding off the uplifting basement. Alex's area also contains Tortonian non-marine conglomerate and marine turbidite deposits which have also been gently folded and faulted by the uplift of the basement.

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