Fieldwork in County Clare, Ireland

Unit code EART60230

Our County Clare field course investigates the fill of the Shannon Basin through a series of world class coastal outcrops. Starting on black Clare shales we climb the Shannon clastic margin from a basin floor fan system, through unstable slopes to an overlying delta succession
  • When is the fieldtrip?

    The field trip is for 5 full field days during late Easter as part of the MSc Petroleum Geoscience

  • Where is the fieldtrip?

    You will be staying at the Bayview Hotel, Kilkee.

  • How will we travel to County Clare?

    Travel to and from County Clare will be by air, flying to Shannon Airport. Transport around the field area will be with a local coach company. Further details will be provided closer to the time of the trip.

  • County Clare 2017 - Ballybunion
    County Clare 2017 Trusclieve
  • What will I learn?

    You will be taught to characterise the sedimentology and architecture of clastic system and trained in:

    • field investigation methodologies at a range of scales, with an emphasis on implications for hydrocarbon systems;
    • ‌the use of field observations to record spatial and temporal changes in sedimentary systems;
    • analysing the effect the depositional environment has on reservoir quality. 

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • identify the depositional architecture typical of a clastic margin;
    • understand the mechanisms that control the architectural morphology;
    • compile observations and interpretations to build a basin model;
    • clearly understand the utility of outcrop in building subsurface models.


  • What equipment will I need?

    Essential field course items are:

    • appropriate footwear (i.e. walking boots);
    • walking trousers or shorts;
    • wet (waterproof) weather field gear;
    • rucksack;
    • hard hat;
    • notebook;
    • tape measure;
    • sun hat;
    • sun cream.
  • How will the field course be assessed?

    Assessment is based upon fieldwork exercises, including:

    • characterisation of sedimentary architecture;
    • logging.

    All fieldwork exercises lead up to the derivation of a basin scale model.

  • Who can I contact regarding the County Clare MSc field course?

    For more information visit the course unit specification or email course leaders Dr Rufus Brunt and Dr Ian Kane.

  • Did you know?

    Much of the early understanding of the fill of the Shannon Basin succession was accomplished by Ole Martinson during fieldwork for his MSc project!

    More about County Clare

    County Clare has world-class exposures of Upper Carboniferous deep water, slope and delta deposits, and is a test area for high resolution sequence stratigraphy.

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