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Tom Lynch

"The mapping project directly influenced my career path."

The independent mapping, carried out in the summer vacation of your second year, is one of the most important single pieces of work you will do during your degree course. The independent mapping, accompanying report and final map represents 24% of the total 3rd year marks for BSc honours and M.Earth Sci. students alike (e.g. all Geology, ERG and Geochemistry students).

The mapping is a test of your ability to apply what has been learnt in lectures, reading and from previous field courses. The mapping project gives you a chance to show how you can cope with a geological problem more or less on your own.

The work that you will produce provides an important basis for discussion with the External Examiner during oral examinations. The mapping, final map and report is an important piece of work that you should be able to show and impress a potential employer with at interview. The mapping project involves making and executing a financial and logistical plan for a piece of work, and tests your ability to produce a high quality report to a deadline. These are important transferable skills necessary for your future employment.

You are therefore expected, with minimal supervision, to spend at least 5 weeks mapping an area of varied geology (the size of the area will differ with terrain and complexity and will be set by your field adviser).

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