Fieldwork to Pembrokeshire

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Scott Brindle

"I enjoyed the field trips the most."

This field course is the specialist sedimentology component of the second year field work package, EART20300 Fieldwork. It develops the knowledge acquired in second year courses EART20121 Sedimentology I: Terrigenous clastics and EART20222 Sedimentology II: Carbonates and Evaporites. It is an essential prerequisite for EART30000 Independent Mapping, undertaken in the summer following your second year. This field course aims to develop your ability to address, through the collection of original field data, fundamental questions that geologists ask themselves when mapping sedimentary rocks such as:

• What sort of depositional environment were the sediments deposited in and what were the major processes operating in that environment?
• How has the depositional environment in the area changed through time?
• What sort of rocks were the sediments derived from and where was the parent rock located?
• What are the major controls on deposition within sedimentary basins?

By the end of the field course you will be familiar with the methods of acquiring, interpreting and analysing sedimentological field data in a variety of formats, and have a critical understanding of when it is appropriate to use them to solve a geological problem. We will study both carbonate and clastic sedimentary rocks.

Pembrokeshire is a really beautiful part of the world and we hope you will enjoy this field course as much as we do.



For more information please contact Dr Merren Jones.

pembroke fieldtrip    

pembroke fieldtrip    

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