Optional field course

Fieldwork in Morocco, Iceland, Crete or the Pyrenees

Unit code GEOG20072

Our Geography and Geology Overseas field course allows you a choice of venues from MOROCCO, ICELAND, CRETE or the PYRENEES and will give you the training required to complete your independent dissertation in Year 3
  • When is the fieldtrip?

    The field trips are for 8-10 days either just before or just after the Easter vacation in Year 2. Aside from the travelling all the days are spent in the field.

    Fieldwork will be approximately from 9am to 5pm each day. Evenings are spent in the accommodation working on your research projects with feedback from the course leaders.

  • Where is the fieldtrip?

    You will be staying in hotel accommodation in the various venues.

    Accommodation isfully catered, including packed lunches. The hotels have en suite accommodation with rooms for between 2-4 students.

  • How will we travel?

    Travel to and from the field area will be by direct flights from Manchester, then transferring to coach or mini-bus. Further details will be provided closer to the time of the trip.

  • What will I learn?

    You will be taught the skills necessary for you to be able to collect your own data for your independent dissertation, which you will complete in your final year. These will include such things as:

    • identifying and mapping glacial features;
    • measuring clast size, slope, area of alluvial fans;
    • vegetation surveys;
    • lichenometry;
    • water chemistry;
    • water flow;
    • tephra chronology;
    • field surveying.

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • plan a researh project;
    • be able to use the field equipment required to collect your data;
    • understand how to interpret your data.


  • What equipment will I need?

    You will identify the essential equipment you require as you plan your research project prior to the field course.

  • How will the field course be assessed?

    Whichever field course you chose, assessment is based upon the following:

    • an individual project report submitted after the field course [60%]
    • two team-based PowerPoint presentations, one during the course [25%] and one prior to the trip [15%].
  • Who can I contact regarding the field courses?

    For more information visit the course unit specification or email course leaders Dr Philip Hughes (SEED, Morocco), Dr Chris Davies (SEED, Iceland), Mr Chris Perkins (SEED, Crete) or Dr Will Fletcher (SEED, Pyrenees).

  • What our students say

    Geog-Geol_Morocco trip_2016

    Joseph Peeler

    "The Morocco field course is a great opportunity to apply what you have learnt in lectures in the field. The project is great preparation for the 3rd year dissertation work."

    What our students say

    Hiren Patel

    "Iceland is one of the most dynamic and unique places on Earth, where the landscape is ever changing, due to its volcanic origins. The rugged barren landscape hosts many magical waterfalls and many majestic glaciers, which are all illuminated by the shimmering of the northern lights. It is a haven for geographers and geologists alike and it is truly an explorers paradise. The people are warm and friendly and their culture is steeped in history. It will always hold some fond memories for myself, and I hope to go back again one day soon..."

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