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Everything you need to know about student life at The University of Manchester.

Students who adopt a can-do attitude and who are ready to work hard thrive in our School.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences is small, open and friendly so you will receive great support for your studies while benefiting from all the excitement and opportunities that the city of Manchester can offer.


We are a small school operating within a large organisation. We have a high staff-to-student ratio so there will always be someone on hand in the classroom or within one of our staffed student study areas who can answer your questions. We have an 'open door' approach and encourage students to interact with academic staff to discuss the content of their course or find out more about current research.

Past students consistently say that they have made life-long friends from their course, brought together by the numerous trips and events that happen throughout the year.

We have a culturally diverse student population with many international students taking our courses. As an international student you will be looked after well here, with dedicated teams to help you settle in, a vibrant International Student Society and English language support throughout your studies.

The School also hosts student chapters of professional bodies such as the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, The Society of Petroleum Engineers and the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.


Our research facilities rival those of leading Earth Science institutions world-wide. As a student here, you will be able to use the latest laboratory and analytical equipment and draw on the research expertise of our academic staff.

We also have dedicated study areas and staffed undergraduate and postgraduate study facilities.


Our field courses offer you plenty of opportunities to travel, giving you a chance to get out and put what you have learned in lectures into practice. All of our compulsory field courses are free; you only contribute towards the cost of your meals during your trip.

You will get to visit many locations, both within the UK and abroad including France, Spain, Germany, Tenerife and Scotland.

As part of an undergraduate degree you may also want to benefit from the chance to study abroad or spend a year working in industry.

Your ideal job

You will benefit from a tailored careers programme, which is relevant to your course. Our careers officers will help you to develop a personal development plan and refine your CV. The University also has one of the most successful careers services in the UK, which can provide you with specific advice and inform you about recruitment programmes, placements and job openings. Major employers of earth scientists also recruit directly from the School.

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