The Get Ready Guidecontains essential advice, information and guidance for new students at the University of Manchester.  It includes all the pre-arrival information you need to activate your IT account, confirm your attendance and register with the University, along with key information about your tuition fees, the City of Manchester and our campus.

International and EU students

The Orientation Programme, which runs between 17 and 20 September, includes presentations, tours and social events to provide the essential information you will need as you begin your studies here at Manchester.  The programme also provides events designed to offer you the opportunity to have fun and meet new groups of people and start making new friends. Other events will offer the opportunity to explore the campus and the city.

Details of the Orientation Programme can be found in the Orientation Guide and includes information on:

  • Immigration
  • Health
  • Banking
  • Travelling to Manchester
  • Accommodation
  • International Student Check In
  • Free airport shuttle service
  • English Language Support 
  • Tours 
  • Social events
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