Who should apply?

Our Petroleum Geoscience taught master courses are designed to give you a broad training in petroleum geology, geophysics, and introduce you to reservoir engineering. The courses will prepare you for various employment as geologists, geophysicists, or more specialist roles such as petrophysicist, basin analysts and development/operations geologists.

The courses traditionally attract students from a wide variety of backgrounds, both from the UK and overseas. They cater for recently graduated geoscientists and those with experience of working in the petroleum industry who wish to retrain or acquire additional qualifications.

Our new course structure is designed to offer training for students who want to work in either an exploration or development/appraisal role. Both courses are also suitable for general graduate entry in an oil company; both courses teach a similar broad range of fundamental skills.

The Petroleum Geoscience for Exploration MSc focuses (in Semester 2) on basin scale geoscience. You will learn to analyse data to assess petroleum systems, and develop leads and traps. This course is particularly suited to graduate entry from students with a strong background in geology or other geosciences.

The Petroleum Geoscience for Reservoir Development and Production MSc focuses on the development of oil and gas fields and the analysis of data at the field scale. This course is more suited to students with a stronger background in engineering.

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