Teaching links with industry

Petroleum Geoscience and Engineering at the University of Manchester has well-established links with the petroleum industry. Research is funded by a large number of international oil companies. Guest speakers are invited on a regular basis to the department. There is also an AAPG Student Chapter, PESGB Student Chapter, SPE Chapter and EAGE Chapter, which arrange meetings throughout the year.

The School has strong links with BP and Shell. Our faculty of Earth and Physical Sciences hosts the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials (BP-ICAM). We are also fortunate to have both scholarships and strong links through teaching and research.  BP staff teach on the course, Shell teaches the “Malampaya oil game” which offers an insight into the industry.

The University of Manchester is a Schlumberger Centre of Excellence. This provides staff and students with access to all the latest software, plus regular visits by students to their research centres and contact with their staff. A number of internships may also be available from year to year. Other companies that generously supply data or assist in training include: Terrasciences, Paradigm Voxel Geo, Roxar, Logicom (REP Software), Kingdom Suite.

Many of the academic staff teaching on the course have considerable petroleum industry experience or consult for the oil industry. In addition the teaching team has a very strong group of external lecturers, who are all active consultants or employees in the petroleum industry, and who bring considerable expertise and industrial links.

During the Independent Projects, research projects are undertaken on data supplied by the oil industry, and many students have the opportunity to undertake projects using oil company data and often within the companies office on internships. In recent years these have included Azinor, BG Group, Shell, Statoil, BP, Esso Uk, Maersk, Hess, Anadarko, Robertson Research, Talisman, Halliburton. A number of organisations also award annual performance prizes to students.

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