Background and history

Geology and related Earth Sciences have been studied at Manchester since 1851 when W.C. Williamson was appointed as Professor of Natural History (Geology, Zoology and Botany). Williamson was one of the great Victorian scientists, a friend of Darwin, Huxley, Lyell and others of that generation. Since then, many of the great names of British geology have studied or researched at Manchester. Today the School is one of the largest Earth Sciences teaching and research centers in the UK.

We have a long history of undertaking petroleum-related research and teaching at Manchester. In 2003 there was a significant expansion of our masters provision in this subject area. This was aided by the merger of the MSc in Petroleum Geoscience from Oxford Brookes University. The MSc at Oxford Brookes has had a reputation for excellence and strong industry participation for over 15 years. This merger, coupled with the recruitment of additional teaching and research staff, has allowed Petroleum Geoscience to access existing world-class research and teaching facilities. We have continued to grow both teaching and research at Manchester, and the Petroleum Geoscience and Basins research group now has 14 academic staff and over 55 PhDs. Two new appointments in 2015 (Dr. Ian Kane joined from Statoil, and Dr. Rufus Brunt took up a post as MSc Petroleum Geoscience course coordinator) have broadened our expertise and they will both be teaching on the MSc this year.

The lecturers within the Petroleum Geoscience Centre in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences have considerable industrial expertise and most either consult or undertake petroleum-related research on a regular basis. You will be joining a vibrant group of geoscientists. Additionally, leading consultants from the oil industry augment the taught component of the MSc courses. We believe that incorporating industry specialists into our MSc/Diploma courses ensure they stay at the cutting edge of current practice. We believe this combination offers an enviable mix of academic and vocational training.

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