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The University of Manchester Library is one of just five National Research Libraries in the UK. It is one of the best-resourced academic libraries in the UK, housing more than four million books and manuscripts. Students can access more than 26,000 unique electronic journal titles and 500,000 electronic books, as well as several hundred databases. In the 2013 National Student Survey, our SEAES undergraduates gave the library a 96% satisfaction rating.

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You will have access to modern laboratory facilities and equipment, pleasant lecture theatres and a comfortable learning environment.

We teach our practical sessions in custom-designed, well-equipped laboratories with enough space for you to have your own microscope and work comfortably on your own or in a group.

All our courses are driven and inspired by the latest research in the School, so we also give you access to our most advanced and sophisticated research facilities. Our analytical equipment includes electron microscopes, electron microprobes, pH/Eh meters, satellite navigation systems, laser range finders, grain size analysers and x-ray diffractometers.

Industrial scale equipment

Students on one of our petroleum engineering courses will also have access to a unique pilot-scale laboratory in the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science. This unique facility contains industrial scale equipment for chemical manufacturing.

Undergraduate students gain valuable experience by carrying out large-scale laboratory experiments which cannot be offered by any other university. Students on our postgraduate programmes work alongside PhD students, post-docs and our academic staff as they carry out their research projects. You will have access to all the necessary advanced laboratory and field-based research equipment for you to complete your studies.

Resource room

Undergraduate students benefit from a dedicated resource room with space and power sockets for you to plug in your laptop and plenty of PCs for you to use specialist software packages for GIS, statistical analysis and e-learning. Photocopying and printing is free.

The room also has copies of textbooks, journals and maps, our large mineral collection and sets of rock specimens for private study – and even a complete, disarticulated dinosaur skeleton for student project work. Our learning adviser is based in the resource room and is happy to advise you and help with enquiries.

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