Careers in Geology and Earth Sciences

How has your degree helped in your career?

The skills I learnt at University come into play every day, such as writing technical reports to integrating data and using bespoke software. It has also provided me with a critical mind which I use in every day problem-solving.

Scott Brindle, Geology (2011)

Geoscientist at Furgo-Robertson

Name: Anna Leslie

Degree: Earth Sciences (2002)

Job: Logging Geologist, Datalog Technologies

After completing her degree, Anna worked for a mud-logging company on exploration rigs in the North Sea. Anna’s role involved analysing drilled cuttings and producing information logs for the drilling exploration.

Anna’s role is hugely diverse and she is involved in a number of different projects from pressure drilling to using control systems.

"I love the fact that my job is so varied, we work on a number of rigs with different people. Each well we drill is unique and has its own set of challenges, but that’s the reason why our equipment and team are there."

Anna thoroughly enjoyed her time at Manchester. The different courses she studied gave her the skills and knowledge that she uses in her job today.

“Studying Geology was always very sociable. The practical sessions and lectures helped everyone to get to know each other. The field trips where always great fun as well! 10 years after graduating I’m still in touch with many friends from my course.”

Top tip

“If you choose to go to university, make the most of it. You will be well supported, and there are so many activities and resources at your fingertips, so don’t be afraid to try everything!”

- Helen Bray, Geochemistry (1995), Policy Advisor at Shell

Some of the organisations our alumni are working in…

Accenture, BAE Systems, Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd, Barclays Bank PLC, British Airways, British Geological Survey, British Petroleum, Department of Environment, Environment Agency, Manchester City Council, Novus Petroleum Limited, Oxfam, Royal Air Force, Shell UK Ltd, The Carbon Trust, United Utilities, Wardell Armstrong…

Name: Matthew Rovardi

Degree: Geology (2001)

Job: Senior Exploration Geologist, Kinross Gold Corporation, South America

After graduating, Matthew secured his first role as an Exploration Geologist working on a shear hosted gold project in the Central African Republic. He is now based in Chile and works across South America.

“I greatly enjoy the diversity of countries, places and people I meet whilst travelling as part of my role, both in South America and across the world.”

Studying geology gave Matthew the skills and knowledge he needed to secure his first job after graduating and to develop his career.

"The application of theory into the field has been very useful for my current role, especially the subjects of structural geology, igneous petrology and the mapping courses ran on field trips."

Matthew greatly enjoyed his time at university and took part in a variety of activities.

"The field trips, the variety of modules and the feeling of a close-knit friendly relationship with the lecturers was what I most enjoyed about my course.”

Lecturer, minister, managing director, scientist, civil servant, journalist and technician are just some of the roles our graduates have gone into

"While at Manchester I enjoyed the field trips the most, as it gave me the chance to apply the knowledge that I’d gained in the classroom. I also enjoyed the choice of subjects that were available, giving me the freedom to choose my own route.”

Scott Brindle, Geology (2011)

Geoscientist at Furgo-Robertson

You're in good company

Name: Nigel Clarke

Degree: Geology (1971)

Known for: Chairman of Central China Goldfields Plc

Name: Robert Williams

Degree: Geology (1971)

Known for: Managing Director of Novus Petroleum limited

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