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As an environmental scientist your potential career paths will be extremely varied. You could, for instance, end up working for government agencies or private companies engaged in environmental protection, protection of water resources, assessment of air, land and water contamination, environmental impact assessment, waste management or the development of environmental policy and environmental management systems.

Graduates of the Environmental courses have been very successful. Ninety-five per cent of our students are in either full time employment or further education six months after graduation (KIS data 2012). Typically over half of our graduates continue in education, studying for higher degrees such as masters or doctorates. Others have gained employment in a diverse range of areas, from the government agencies, oil companies, environmental consultancy companies to aid agencies overseas.

Continuing research

Past graduates from the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science have developed successful careers, many continuing to practise the skills and apply the knowledge they learned during their degree. Our teaching also inspires the next generation of researchers: many undergraduates continue in education, studying for higher degrees such as masters (MSc) courses or PhDs.

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Helping you find employment

Studying Environmental Science at The University of Manchester means that you study for a degree which is broad in scope. An industrial liaison board oversees the course and many of the teaching staff have industrial experience or direct links with the environmental sector. Staff also maintain research programmes of direct relevance to the sector, and transfer their research into teaching.

Graduate employability is actively supported by:

  • Talks from potential employers, presentation of graduate programmes and visits to career fairs/events, both at the university (such as the yearly organised 'careers in the Environmental sector day') and external.
  • Scholarships and prizes sponsored by major companies for distinguished students and projects. This includes an opportunity to apply for BP scholarships in years 1 and 2 of your study.
  • A dedicated careers team, both at university level and within the school, for CV clinics and career advice. 
  • Active support for internships and a year in industry to gain valuable industrial experience.
  • Specific (tutorial) sessions delivering on careers skills such as writing applications, CV's and covering letters, throughout the entire programme.
  • Access to detailed information of the environmental sector, including job opportunities, supplied by the University Careers Service.
  • Industrial Mentoring Schemes run by the University Careers Service.

Where are they now?

Hannah Kirkham, Senior Environmental Adviser at MWH UK Ltd.

"I’ve always been curious about how the Earth works, so I really enjoyed spending four years dedicated to learning about it..." (more)

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