Careers with environmental sciences

A degree in Environmental Sciences can lead to a number of new and exciting opportunities. Below you’ll find lots of information about our graduates and their advice for you.

How has your degree helped you in your career?

“It gave me the ability to analyse information and to communicate effectively. Being able to juggle a variety of tasks and prioritise is really important. Also, the ability to understand the science behind the issue or the business process is a bonus that people don't always expect.”

- Helen Bray, Geochemistry (2005)

Policy Advisor at Shell

Top tip

"Be confident; present yourself and your ideas in a clear and concise manner”

- Matthew Wood, Environmental Science (2011)

Geo-Environmental Engineer at Abbeydale Building Environmental Consultants

Name: Michael Lawson

Degree: Environmental Sciences (2005)

Job: Research Geochemist at ExxonMobil

Michael is part of the Research Department for ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas. Michael works on a number of new and innovative projects advancing hydrocarbon exploration, production and development. Michael investigates new techniques and application theories in Geochemistry and the impact they have on production process and environment. The course at Manchester helped Michael develop the key skills and knowledge that he now uses every day in his job.

The ability to communicate, both verbal and written, is a crucial skill for any position within industry or academia, and these are skills that both of my supervisors at Manchester encouraged I work on and develop.

Michael greatly enjoyed his time on the course, that proved to be an excellent mix of academic and social learning.

The broad range of geochemistry skills developed in my UG degree and PhD have given me a solid platform to understand and contribute to the numerous requests we receive. The Earth Science department has a great atmosphere at Manchester - all of the faculty and students get along and socialise. Enjoy your time at Manchester –it’s a great city.

Some of the organisations our alumni are working in...

Accenture, BAE Systems, Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd, Barclays Bank PLC, British Airways, British Geological Survey, British Petroleum, Department of Environment, Environment Agency, Manchester City Council, Novus Petroleum Limited, Oxfam, Royal Air Force, Shell UK Ltd, The Carbon Trust, United Utilities, Wardell Armstrong…

Name: Hannah Kirkham

Degree: Environmental Studies (2004)

Job: Senior Environmental Advisor at MWH UK Ltd

Since graduation, Hannah has been involved in a number of projects that focus on the environmental planning for construction projects for water and waste water. Her current role is to advise the design and construction teams of the potential environmental impact of a project and to develop appropriate solutions for long term sustainability.

I enjoy being involved in work that really matters: everybody needs safe drinking water and sanitation. It's also encouraging that environmental protection is well understood and supported by the water industry.

Hannah loved her time at Manchester, both for the skills it has given her and fun she had whilst studying.

Field trips were always great fun and great for learning. I've used my lab and field work skills when carrying out groundwater sampling for my role today.

careers include fields such as earth science, exploration, operations, management, research, mining and consulting

“Field trips were very memorable. I also liked the opportunity to take courses from other departments such as geography and planning. The diversity of courses available made it interesting every day.”

- Brendan Rouse, Environmental Sciences (2007)

Energy Manager at Great Ormond Street Hospital

You'll be in good company

Name: Brendan Rouse

Degree: Environmental Science (2007)

Known for: Energy Manager of Great Ormond Street Hospital

Name: Tim Sunderland

Degree: Pollution and Environmental Control (1986)

Known for: Managing Director, Sustainable Solutions

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