Jaume Vendrell Roc

Course: MSc Petroleum Geoscience

"If I were a student now I would start to apply for jobs at the beginning of the MSc, when the oil companies graduate schemes are still open for the candidates. Do not leave it for the last minute because there will be no places available!"


"After completing the MSc in Mid September, I went travelling to South America for a month and then went straight into working at PGS Reservoir in Maidenhead in November. PGS is a leading international provider of sub-surface technical and commercial expertise.   We offer services within the whole value chain from licensing of new acreage to field development, from small evaluations to complete asset management. PGS Reservoir is internationally recognized for ultra-large scale regional interpretation projects: The PGS MegaSurveys.

Since joining PGS Reservoir I have been involved in a wide range of projects. These have included:

  • An equity project which involved having to decide what share of an oilfield, which was owned by 2 different oil companies, belonged to each one of the companies.
  • PGS Megasurveys. I have been involved in the regional seismic interpretation of different key horizons over several areas including the North Sea (UK, Holland and Norway sectors) and Brazil (Campos Basin).
  • Prospectivity Reviews. This consisted on the seismic interpretation of key horizons, amplitude extractions and attribute analysis and finally some crude volumetrics over the areas where both the geology and the attribute analysis indicated the possible existence of hydrocarbon accumulations.

"Even though all of these projects have been carried out at the Maidenhead office, PGS Reservoir does offer the opportunity to travel abroad. For instance, I will be posted to Houston in order to carry out a 3 month project in September. This project will involve the definition of a major salt body over an ultra deep water dataset of the Gulf of Mexico. In order to achieve a better salt and subsalt imaging, a detailed interpretation of the salt body will assist on the depth migration technique which will be applied during the reprocessing of the dataset.

"I found the MSc highly comprehensive and enjoyable. One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the numerous fieldtrips, which always give you an insight view of what the real geology is like. The only drawbacks of the MSc are the long hours that we had to spend both at lectures and revising for the exams. It is tough work!!

"Manchester is a great and lively city that will definitely fulfil your needs no matter whether you are a young student seeking bars, trendy shops and a good night out or if you are a more mature student looking for something quieter. There are plenty of parks, libraries and museums to take your family out!

"The University of Manchester is a worldwide recognised institution that provides top class facilities, resources and support for overseas students. You will always have plenty of computers in the cluster rooms to either write up your essays or to surf the net. The library has really good opening and closing times (including weekends) for those days when the pressure is on for the exams.

"I chose Manchester University because of its reputation and also because I lived in Oxford and I wanted to experience the life in the North. I would definitely do it all over again."

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