Stephen Boult

Stephen is Course Director MSc Pollution and Environmental Control and MSc Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

"The Pollution and Environmental Control MSc is known for its breadth and knowledge in teaching, with an alumni that works across the enviromental sector globally."

Industry links

I am in contact with many people that have worked with me and now work in the environmental sector and keep up to date with employer’s requirements through them. I am also the major shareholder in an environment-related University spinout and have regular contact with the industry through this. More formally we value the input of our External Examiner as to academic content of the programme.

Each year we check units across the University for their relevance as course unit options. This year we have made a change to the core Research Methods unit doubling the amount of time students spend in developing their skills in research; particularly quantitative skills.

Research highlight

All lectures are given by active researchers and in many cases they will use their own data as case studies. The students then typically work within active research groups to carry out their projects. The research project is the highlight of the course, it is gratifying to see students take what they have been taught in the prior semesters and begin to take responsibility for their own work.

The first environmental MSc in the UK

The MPEC masters was the first environmental MSc in the UK and is widely recognised because of the long list of alumni that work across the environmental sector globally. The course is known for breadth of knowledge in teaching and the strength of problem solving and communication skills developed through excellent research projects. The University itself is of course also well recognised.

All our environmental science masters courses benefit from being able to draw on the resources of many active research groups in a large University. We have a long history during of running these high-level postgraduate programmes and have produced many successful graduates and is, therefore, widely recognised by employers at all levels from Managing Directors to partners to scientists.

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