Kate Brodie

Kate is a Senior Lecturer in Geology and Director of our undergraduate Earth Science courses. She is also involved in the Structural Geology and Petrology research group.

Examing naturally deformed rocks and investigating the story they tell is fascinating.

Metamorphism and deformation

My main research interest is the interrelationship between metamorphism and deformation – how new minerals affect the way rock deforms. This occurs either because the new minerals are weaker or stronger or because fluid has been released or consumed in the reactions. This research involves both investigating naturally deformed and metamorphosed rocks as well as rock samples deformed and subjected to varying pressure and temperature in the laboratory.

Student support

The teaching staff are all engaged in active in research and are subject specialists. This ensures enthusiasm for the subjects they teach. A strong commitment to all aspects of geoscience field studies and training is a key feature of our undergraduate degrees.  The substantial practical components of the courses and residential field courses, which make up about two thirds of the degrees, along with an open door policy means that students know the staff well and feel an integral part of the School.

My highlights

I am very keen on practical and field work where students get the opportunity to put into practice all that they have learnt in lectures and through reading, as well as developing new skills. 

Examining naturally deformed and metamorphosed rocks and investigating the story they tell is fascinating. The challenge which is particularly satisfying is being able to reproduce similar features experimentally and hence to be able to explore the conditions under which they formed.

Having a graduating student taking the time from their new job to email to say thank you and that 'the course was great and all the staff and the atmosphere within the department has been brilliant' is my measure of success.

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