Cathy Hollis

Cathy Hollis is a Reader in Petrophysics and Production Geoscience and heads up the Carbonate research team within the Basin Studies Group.

She leads a collaborative research programme between Universities of Bergen, Bristol and Liverpool (PD3) and also collaborates with Texas A&M University and Aix-Marseille University on a new project funded by the Qatar National Research Foundation. Cathy joined the School after a successful career in the petroleum industry working for Badley Ashton and Associates Ltd and Shell International Exploration and Production. She teaches carbonate sedimentology and formation evaluation to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and leads a one week fieldcourse to the Wessex Basin.  She is President of the Manchester Geological Association and often leads fieldtrips to the Carboniferous of northern England.


The Carbonate group conduct multi-scale studies, and spend much of their time in the field. Currently there are students working in the UK, mainland Europe, North Africa and Canada.  For example, Jack Stacy and Ardi Koeshidayatullah work in the West Canada Sedimentary Basin with support from our colleagues at the Alberta Geological Survey. The carbonate team work closely with the North Africa Research Group in Morocco, and Aude Duval-Arnould Nawwar Al-Sinawi are both mapping the distribution of Jurassic carbonates in the Agadir Basin.  Further south, we have projects based on seismic and outcrop data from Angola being conducted by Nathan Rochelle-Bates, Eduardo Fiordalisi and Gustavo Pereira.

Lucy Manifold, Cat Breislin and Peter del Strother have been working closer to home in the Lower Carboniferous of the Derbyshire and North Wales platforms. Lucy is working with colleagues at Universities of Bergen and Liverpool to describe the role of structural, sedimentological and eustatic controls on carbonate platform growth. Cat is now writing up her PhD, which has focused on determining the timing of dolomitization on the Derbyshire Platform.


In 2017, Cathy and PhD students Michael Lacey and Lucy Manifold participated in the 2nd Mountjoy Carbonate Research Conference in Austin in June, which focused on Carbonate Pore Systems. The meeting attracted academics and petroleum geoscientists and engineers from a spectrum of oil and gas companies across the globe.  Cathy gave a keynote address called on upscaling porosity and permeability in carbonate systems.

In October 2017, Lucy Manifold, Nawwar Al-Sinawi, Catherine Breislin, Ardi Koeshidayatullah and Jack Stacey presented their PhD projects at the International Association of Sedimentologists meeting in Toulouse, and then again at AAPG International Convention and Exhibition in London. Cathy Hollis delivered a keynote presentation ‘Hydrothermal processes and reservoir quality in carbonate reservoirs: good, bad or ugly?’ at this event and co-chaired the session on Carbonate Reservoirs.

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