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Role: Research Associate


Tel: 0161 306-4679

Location: Ferranti Building-B21
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL




Research interests have revolved primarily around electrical properties of thunderstorms, including cloud electrification and lightning.  Recently I have been involved in research into other roles of ice in the atmosphere.

PhD: Laboratory studies into thunderstorm electrification.  Cold room experimental studies into the origin of charge transfer between graupel and ice crystal collisions.

Recipient of NRC postdoctoral fellowship based in Oklahoma, USA: Analysis of lightning activity in thunderstorms

Postdoc at New Mexico Tech, NM, USA: Field campaign to measure underground lightning transients

Successful NSF grant to study lightning activity in an Oklahoma hailstorm using phased array radar.

Postdoc at the University of Manchester: various studies including ice crystal aggregation, droplet breakup, Hallett-Mossop process, ice crystal light scattering, and cloud nucleation.

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